Why is My Bill So High?
Have you recently received a bill that seemed higher than you expected? There are a number of reasons why this may have happened. Follow these steps to track down the reason that applies to you.

Check your home for causes of potential water usage increase. These may include:

      Leaking toilets and faucets
      New baby
      Guests in your home
      Washing cars or watering lawns
      Remodeling or adding more living space
      Extra entertaining or cooking
      Extra use of washing machine, dishwasher or power washer

Review your bill for answers to these questions to help you understand the usage increase and other factors that may have contributed to a higher-than-normal water bill:

  • Was this bill calculated from an actual or estimated meter reading? An estimated reading may be higher than your actual use.

  • Was your last bill estimated, followed by an actual reading for this bill? The estimate on the last bill might have been lower than actual usage, so you are being billed for that usage in this current bill.

  • How many days were in this billing period? Compare it to how many days were in the billing period for the last bill.

  • Does your bill reflect a late payment penalty?

View our conservation tips to learn how easy it is to cut down on how much water you use.

If none of these steps lead you to a satisfactory answer about your high bill, please click to review our bill dispute procedure or submit a bill inquiry.